Post Festival

Post Festival

Post. Festival - Indianapolis, IN - October 19-20


On their debut record “The Fall”, SOM craft songs of epic melancholy, exploring a realm of serene shoegaze. Dark and heavy, the music is complemented by hooks and melodies in singer/guitarist Will Benoit’s somber laments. Drummer Duncan Rich and bassist Justin Forrest build thunderous rhythms that give drive and pulse to the fuzzed out wall-of-synth-and-guitar-noise.

Featuring founding members of seminal Boston space rockers Constants – as well as former and touring members of Adai, Caspian, Junius and Rosetta – SOM wrote and recorded their debut album at Benoit’s solar powered The Radar Studio, along with engineer Daryl Rabidoux (Doomsday Student, Drowningman, Irepress).

Artwork and layout for “The Fall” was designed by Josh Graham of Suspended in Light (Neurosis, Soundgarden, A Storm of Light).