Post Festival

Post Festival

Post. Festival - Indianapolis, IN - October 19-20

March on, Comrade

March On, Comrade is a post rock band from Fort Wayne, IN. Formed in 2015, the band has released two albums of original music. Their music is evocative of the staple characteristics of the post rock genre—ambience, space, slow crescendos, bombast—mixed with pop and orchestral traits.

Following the release of their self-titled album in April 2016, March On, Comrade played a sold-out theatrical show with a chamber orchestra, programmed light show, and live-interactive video projection. This show inspired the band’s sound moving forward. On their second album, Our Peaceful Atoms, many orchestral and percussive textures can be heard. March On, Comrade can be seen regularly at the Northeast Indiana area’s go-to original music venues. Other notable gigs include the inaugural Middle Waves Music Festival, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and the Embassy Theatre’s Down the Line.

March On, Comrade is: Charlie Davis (guitar), Ryan Holquist (guitar), Chris Leonard (drums), John Ptak (bass, vocals), Ben Robinson (keys and percussion)